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Once, I accidentally saw the music video of the band Tvorchi in an advertisement on YouTube. I really liked the track and after only 10 minutes I already wrote to them on the social network with a proposal to create a music video. At that time they were still practically unknown artists and there was no budget for shooting a video. But I didn't care. I was inspired by my idea and wanted to shoot something simple but very creative and beautiful. I came up with the concept and found a lot of cool and free locations. I also convinced my talented friends to take part in this video. Making this music video was a real adventure with a lot of challenges, but the result was worth it. This music video was the starting point for my music video career. And now Tvorchi is going to represent Ukraine in Eurovision contest 2023.

Andrii lagutin
Illia Michailus
Alisa Vladimir
Andrei Zavolokin
Anton Zaitsev
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